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June 17, 2006


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Hi, My blood hound went to the vet on Tuesday, on Wednesday night she kept licking obsesively, then vomited a few times (then went on for about 3 hours), ends up she had a huge string from the carpet stuck in her throat. I finally got or to fall asleep (or so I thought), about 15 minutes later I kept hearing a ripping sound, sure enough she had a 10" x 10" hole in the carpet. She went to the vet just to get a check up and shots, they also gave her a parvo shot (there has been 90 cases of parvo about 20 minutes away), so we just wanted to be safe. Please help.

Comments from Cara, Austin Dog Trainer:

Hi, Meredith - Implement as much of the boredom busters things as you can and start crate training your dog asap. Your dog should basically eat all of its meals out of toys so that it spends its energy on finding and getting food. Also, whenever you are not able to directly supervise your dog (like when you are sleeping!), crate your dog or baby gate your dog into a safe area with some good chew toys. Supervision and mental stimulation are the keys here!



My dog started eating inappropriate things about 6 months ago as far as I can tell. He ate an entire bandana (aversized) and I noticed last week he ripped his comfortor blanket in his kennel. It wasn't until today when I was picking up his poop in the yard that I see he actually ate the comfortor. But what has really got me scared is that my husband sat on the couch with him tonight, and the dog started to gag, and started to throw up foot after foot of BERBER CARPET! He did stop, but my husband said it is not all out because to catch his breath he had to swallow what was in his throat.
I am seriously concerned. The carpet is from a rug we have.
I once read an article about horses who eat/knaw on fence post wood because they are defeciant in some nutrients - could that be the case here??
Please help with whatever info any of you have experienced.
Thank you so much.

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