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June 18, 2006


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Just wanted you to know I read your blog daily and enjoy it quite a lot! I also notice you don't get a lot of comments so I wanted you to know your blog really is a great resource for me. My niece raises Amstaffs by the way, and they are adorable. As for me, I have a very smart new miniature schnauzer. If it's appropriate, may I ask you a question? My pup growls in what I believe to be irritation when I pick her up (to ensure she learns to settle down) during play sessions. As soon as I turn her to face me she is happy as a clam, licking my face, but I'm concerned about her growling, and how I might change this habit of hers.

Buddy's Chance Austin Dog Training and Behavior

Hi Joni! Thank you for the note - it's great to hear that people are reading the blog.

I am going to answer your question as a blog entry so that more people can read the answer and benefit from it!


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